Getting Started with Cherry Pick

Welcome! We're very excited to start working with you. 


1. complete Cherry Pick Initial Questionnaire:


2. Create A List Segment

1. Decide on the segment of 125k you wish to connect. (e.g. Most engaged without purchase in 90 days.)
2. From the home menu, select Contacts > Segmentation > Audiences > add New Audience
3. Name audience. e.g. Cherry Picked
4. Create filter.
5. Confirm number of users is above 125k. If not, add more audience definitions until you hit 125k.
6. Select Save.


3. Upload the list segment

Cherry Pick AI provides a secure endpoint to upload client emails. Process is secured end to end, encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Uploading a File

  1. Visit:

  2. Enter log in information. (You will receive from Cherry Pick during initial onboarding).

  3. Follow the instructions listed in the account.

  4. .CSV file should follow the example to the right (header called email and should have no commas or extra characters).


Additional Key Points
Limited Access: Cherry Pick limits access to client data to authorized employees only when required to service the client.
Database Encryption: Client data is stored on an encrypted database using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.


4. create a conversation for each product / category

  • Decide on parameters for Conversation: wait time to send email, do not send to someone who has purchased within the last 48 hours, only send to a user once a month, etc.

  • On the main menu, select: Authoring > Listrack Conductor > Conversations.

  • Select New Conversation.

  • Select Trigger.

  • Implement Finalized Wait Time.

  • Upload Message.

  • Optional Resend Information (e.g. if not opened within 1 day, resend. if not purchased within 3 days, resend with offer, etc.).

  • Select Publish.


5. API User Set-up for integration

Create a new API user for Cherry Pick with: Author Access, Settings Access, Segment Access, API Access, Analytics Access